Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mount&Blade WARBAND: Inspiring my Games

I only began checking back when war band is supposed to be released because I'm supposed to present a game for class. Particularly how Tale-worlds entrepreneured, making this wonderful game from out of No-where.

If you haven't heard of Mount&blade it is a history war nuts dream game. Take away all the "martial-arts" dressing inspired by fantasy and dungeon-delving and get on that Horse.

Horses don't really fit well in the a lot of Combat RPGs. Systems tend to disregard it in lieu of foot combat, but every serious warrior class (I mean the social class) was a horseman. The Horse Nomads, Knights, Samurai, Kataphrakts, Savarans, Equitess...

It is in this game I got to understand why the Horse was so central in the psychology, doctrine, and lifestyle of a warrior.

I don't care for much of the graphics, but the mechanics are awesome. Especially the no-nonesense horse archery. Its really quite an experience. Ever since M&B I've been biased to horse combat and investing in horsmanship skills for my characters (even if my GMs don't understand how valuable it was).

Now that warband is going to provide Multi-player capability. Its like going to be Counterstrike but medieval. My wife might like this better than counterstrike (despite that she doesnt like horses), since its less dizzying because of how much harder it is to kill or be killed.

You can download it for free BTW. at Taleworlds and if you are the game designing sort. Read up on the company's starting history, what they did was amazing starting from so little. Its quite inspiring in the game designer entrepreneur point of view.

Warband Release Date
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