Friday, July 3, 2020

Lessons from Delta-V by Daniel Suarez

Some of my Take-Aways for the TL9 Game I'm planning to run based off of Daniel Suarez Delta-V
  1. Asteroid Selection is based on the Fuel mass that can be used from the Asteroid. 
  2. That Asteroid Mining is about bringing down the Cost of Materials in Orbit for Infra. It's not about BRINGING resources to EARTH but in Low Earth Orbit. 
  3. SPACE tech that is relevant to people of 2020 are the following:
    1. Improved Satelite Tech. 
      1. More powerful
      2. Easier to maintain
      3. Easier to deploy
    2. Materials formed in 0G and Vacuum. 
    3. Biological experiments in micro or 0G. 
    4. Materials formed with Asteroid Materials 
    5. Manufacturing in 0G and with what is Rare on Earth and Plentiful in Asteroids. 
    6. ECONOMICS of DEBT and running out of places to invest. Because capital hoarders take fewer risks as they accumulate more and more capital and thus the ability to create wealth diminishes over time without the frontier of SPACE. 
  4. The challenges of space are the ADVENTURE, handwaving them away is just my own fears in learning the science and technical and getting them wrong. I should do something I have no Idea doing when no one wants to do it and so much to gain - my mistakes and misunderstanding will fuel the next attempt and iterations grow from there. 
    1. I should plan how the Player Learn and Build Characters for this. 
    2. Challenges like regolith toxicity, hazards like solar winds, radiation/rads, particle storms (from the asteroid), Investors, Competitors, 
  5. Story telling for a GAME in TL9 is prep heavy because of the Time Scale. It is not Episodic like Traveller with the "World of the Week" it is a Campaign and project. 
    1. It has to have clear goals. What kind of adventure do players want? How do I conform it to their TRPG expectations? 
    2. Operations Schedules and Activity Details. 
    3. Annualized and Total Cost of Ownership biz Plan. Novels like Delta-V and others are needed. 
  6. I need to review what Metal 3d Printing they were using. 
  7. List of Details that are Important, vs stuff that I can week. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Simple Container Calculator - Bags, boxes, and Containers for your games.

Check Container Calculator Subsheet
I'm the kind of person who writes up his load out before going on a trip. 

Basically, I made a simple surface area calculator. Then I benchmarked the Weight and Carrying capacity of 511 and Aliexpress bags to create High, Middle, and Low-Grade Nylon Bags. Have a Cost to Weight Ratio, and just raised the "Thickness" of the material to use as benchmarks for the bags. 
You can easily elaborate the qualities and the Cost to the Weight of the container. 
Basically, get a container online and if it doesn't meet your Volume requirements use this calculator to extrapolate how much it will cost if it can hold more. 
SAMPLE Containers(Volume)Wt (Kg)CostNotes
High Grade Backpack(60L)2.64$264.38
Rifle Bag 35", Middle Grade(20L)1.27$31.77
Rucksack, Low Grade(100L)3.72$37.16

Almost every game session there seems to be some Lacking equipment in our Traveller game. I could probably make a spreadsheet of all the equipment and notes and then model them in blender and use the various cartoon shaders to be "ART" since I'm going for the Ghibli look for my games aesthetics. Growing up with a big crush on Nausicaa, Ghibli and anime has a strong influence on me. 

D6s can be very versatile as it can be a D3 and a D2. 
Unarmed1d20.0 kg
TL2Brass Knuckles2d2
TL3Longsword3d3/4d3 pi/sl1.5 kg
TL3Broadsword3d3 pi/sl1.0 kg
TL6Steel pipe 0.6x0.02m1d6 bl0.5 kg
TL2Shortsword2d3 pi/sl0.3 kg
TL2Large Knife2d2 pi/sl0.2 kg
TL2Axe3d3 sl1.0 kg
TL2Battle Axe3d3/2d6 sl1.5 kg

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Learning Children of a Dead Earth Orbital Mechanics and Phasing.

Children of a Dead Earth was about 1usd because of the steam Summer sale. So I got it. 

Unlike Kerbal, I KNOW I can skip to the Orbital mechanics and I can barely grasp the concepts

And I don't understand it still. I have to do some "homework" and study. 

Trying to learn the Orbital Controls in Children of a Dead Earth. Still looking for the links that explain the concepts of how the 

Radial (Green, B), 

Ok this is in the 2D orbital plane with 2 axis of: Away from or Towards the Orbiting Body. So all rockets tend to try to get AWAY from the Orbiting Body, while METEORS go towards the orbiting body. Green ROCKETS and METEORS. 

Tangential (Red, V), 

It's supposed to be Perpendicular to the Orbited Body, but wasn't that supposed to be out of Plane? But still in the 2d Plane of Orbit. 
AHHH!!! Ok so its perpendicular relative to the Axis of Away and Towards the orbital body. Now I get it. its V in the Wikipedia diagram. ??? So I have to think of either the Relative relationship of the Place I want to go.... that's confusing I can use both to get out of the orbit of the Orbiting Body. My brain can't figure this out. 

AHH! Oh i can imagine it as the Velocity I'm going to be Orbiting. If I want to SPEED UP to catch up to something in the Same Orbital Plane OR slow down TO CATCH UP. (which is actually WRONG because of Orbital Phasing ). 

TANGENTIAL RED is Go Faster or Reverse Along the Track (Orbital Path). 

Out of Plane (Blue, N), 

So this is Perpendicular the Orbital Plane. So I guess its going towards the Poles - North and South. So the Axis is North or South. 
If I'm imagining it this makes me Change my Orbit clockwise or counterclockwise to the Orbiting body. 
The Infolinks in the game says its used to line up on the same orbital plane as the object. 

BLUE is Changing the Orbital Plane. I should Imagine it as Changing Lanes of some kind. 

Temporal (White, M).

Can't find it. Hope I bump into it again. 

Holy crap! 
"If spacecraft is behind the final position on the same orbit, the spacecraft must slow down to enter a smaller, faster phasing orbit to catch up to the final position."
That's Counterintuitive!!! 

Focal point.png

A quick Video of me trying to figure it out and actually getting it WRONG but still finishing the mission!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Quick Combat Update June 24 2020

This is system I just want to make because I want to apply the concepts I like from various systems like Cepheus Engine/Traveller, Dungeon World/Apocalypse Engine, The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and experience in what works. 

This is meant to be Quick Character Generation with a fist full of D6 and some scratch Paper.
Then Start the combat with some scenarios and see if my son takes to it. 

The design influences are
  • Turns have no Interruption actions. No opportunity attacks or reactions, players just know there are Automatic Effects that affect their roll and character when they perform certain actions.  A player or GM does not interrupt the other player. 
  • No GM rolls. Failure results in Costs and Damage. 
  • Fewer Rolls. Use of Margin of Success/Failure and Fail Thresholds. 
    • One Roll per Turn. 
    • One throw Many Dice. Damage and a Confirmation D20 is rolled as part of the 3d6.  
  • Death Spiral. Penalties and Costs accumulate.  
  • Limited Modifiers
    • Competence (skill and stat or ability mod)
    • Advantage
    • Condition 
    • Scale

  1. 200413 Quick Combat - Weapons and Armor

    1. Finish the Weapons and Armor. 

    2. Adventuring Gear remains. 

    3. Template Equipment Remains. 

    4. 200425 GITB Quick Combat - Combat Mechanics

      1. Fatigue and Exhaustion

      2. Healing and Recovery of Stress, Trauma, Fatigue, Exhaustion, and 

        1. Uses of Medicine

      3. Condition Levels are 0,-1, -3,-7, -10

      4. Combat Actions Clarification. 

        1. Defend. How does it work in 1 side rolls system?

          1. I guess you roll when you're being attacked if you haven’t attacked on your turn. 

          2. So on your turn you either Attack or Are Attacked. When defending a success means getting to continue what your doing. Certain Feats, Class Features, etc.. allow characters to deal damage even when defending. 

          3. When defending possible to use an Athletic Skill or A different combat skill depending on the context.

          4. If the character is Interposing themselves against an Adversary and Choosing to Defend, they were not performing anything else, they have an Advantage to the Roll.  

          5. If you are attacked, roll against the DC of the Adversary (10 + Competence + Scale). Roll using your Competence + Scale. 

          6. Failure by the Fail Threshold (Skill Modifier) is to abort any action you were going to do. 

          7. Characters can have a Costly Failure by Choosing to Take the Damage even if they did not exceed the Failure Threshold (Level of Skill) to Continue their Action.    

          8. Defending Only Action - grants an Advantage on a Success for the Action of the Next Turn.. 

        2. Ready Actions. 

      5. Actions like Running. Dex roll for Running. 

        1. 1 round of sprinting 

        2. 1 minute of running 

        3. 10 mins of jogging  

      6. Damage

    5. 200424 GITB Quick Combat - Basics and Characters

      1. Dash Feat. Better Movement. 

      2. Forgot the Shields Table. Shields Modify the Fail Threshold. 

      3. Off-hand weapon is its Own and Separate Skill. It can grant a Shield effect increasing the Fail Threshold so the character can avoid taking damage, but not as effective as shields. . 

      4. Oh yeah Skill Modifier for Margin of Failure. 

    6. 200419 GITB Quick Combat - Test Characters

      1. Update the features and Load outs. 

      2. Finish Loadouts for Legionnaire and Guardsman.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Cost of the Liberty Ship, Victory Ship, and the Type C2 Ship.

I'm using this as a Baseline for my KiloTon TL9 ships. to the Page. 

The Book is free, I have to check if its Public Domain.

Historical Reports on War Administration, War Production Board. Documentary Publication

TIL in WW2 the

1,845,520 USD of the Liberty Ship. 26,280,204.8

2,522,800 USD of the Victory Ship 35,924,672

3,380,400 USD of the Type C2 Ship 48,136,896

Inflation at 14.24 from 1945 to 2020

Notice the Ratio of Production comparison. 2700, 500, and 100. It can be a basis for how long it takes to make, a factor that even if you have the funds speed may be a factor. 


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Getting Back to my April 2020 Project - Quick Combat

I got back to my April Project of Quick Combat System (gdoc link) Inspired by The Fantasy Trip, meshed with D&D. As always many of what I do is in a Gdoc/Gsheet so people can easily grab anything they might want to reuse or repurpose. 

The reason I got back to this is that I need to ween my son off the Laptop. No classmates or peer group, no activities after class except roblox and youtube (Minecraft proving too addicting). The cycle of that would make this addicting cannot be helped because there is no other socialization and the games are fun. There is a lag in real life, a delay before satisfaction or gratification that happens that makes us able to think and instead of pure reaction and reflex. I'm sure he can "de-program" the conditioning after a Vaccine arrived and is administered but that technical debt will be worse if I don't try to lower it NOW. 

TRPGamer Dad trying to figure out ways to make TRPGs that are too slow and boring for his son work. Am I the same kid who had 2 younger brothers and figured out to have Imagination games in the long idle times of my busy parents and having to go to school >20km away growing up? Why can't I figure my own son out? (I'm sure every dad ask himself). 

Now I've incorporated Alternative Cepheus Engine (ACE) Elements - just the Skills and planning to Incorporate 1 Term of in the Creation and Just a Simple 2d6 (11 outputs) of Events. The goal is that I need to set things up that I and my Son can just roll up characters and play.
Random Stat. 
roll 7d6 keep 6.




















Random Race






Versatile Fighterts



Savage and Reckless



Nimble and Evasive



Resilient and Reliable



Keen and Cunning

Random Background






Scavengers, Thugs, Bandits, Deserters, 



Militia, Levy, Conscripts, 



Professional soldier of unsteady employment



Professional Soldiers of a Kingdom or Empire



Warriors of powerful patrons

Random Class






Mobile fighters.



Chargers, The Hammer


Heavy Infantry

Defenders, the Anvil



Reconnaissance, Intelligence






Creatures whose purpose is ending lives.



Trained to protect and defend.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Writing Skills Down more Thoughtfully

I dont know how to describe when I describe skills in this way: 
1) select a people or cultural group (example given), the character will know the customs and practices expected to get along and show respect or community. 
1.1) Roll to know how to resolve complicated situations that would be culturally accepted. 
1.2) this includes knowledge of Taboo practices and Topics for that people. 
1.3) Roll to know how to save face. 

writing skills feels like there needs to be concise language for Use. Particularly the technical language like cultural group, showing respect, showing community (that one has accepted the implicit obligations and duties of being part of community), and saving face (resolving a situation where the person's credibility or social standing is damaged). 

My experience of Skill Description. My problem with some Skills written is
  • the Function is not clearly stated. Particularly discussing the situation in a real world and game world manner. The description should answer "What is this skill used for?" This means describing a situation or occasion for the skill. it can be as simple "Saving Face" 
  • Benchmarks or Baselines. What is Automatic or Assumed the character knows so as to push the story forward, what would be Points of Uncertainty or Tension - Can the character show they get along with the Locals? Can he forage enough edibles for his team/squad? What the character CAN do or know, and what he may or may not be able to do. 
  • To write in a way that PUSHES the Story forward, Advances the Plot, Escaltes the Challenge. One of the lessons I learned in TRPGs that I apply to real life is that I can classify my abilities and Limits in: What pushes the story forward and what causes Tensions/Uncertainty. Like in TRPGs I need to clarify What is the Conflict of this Situation, process the situation in a consistent manner, and make a decisions. 
    • Processing Situation in a Consistent manner means having a procedure or checklist. its taking an intuitive thing that is inconsistent and forcing consistency into it and Accepting and being aware when I'm inconsistent. 

But since I dont want to go through a lot of Drafts I will "formulate my spell" or formulate the key wording into short sentence ideas like "Save Face", "Get along", "Forage Edibles", "Quickly Stop Bleeding", etc... which I will detail in the future. Using Progressive Elaboration 

Lately I've had to break up my Survival Skill into a Skill Group or Knowledge Area - which is related Group of Skills. First Aid, Navigation, Investigation, Insight, Area (Culture Group), Area (terrain), etc... 

Side Trip of Throughts: pushing the story forward

As to Why knowing how to push the story forward is a life skill its because I get into a Mental Recursive loop instead of breaking the Loop by taking out of my working memory, writing it down (Puting it in an External memory system like Writing/Documentation/Drawings) and going about it one step at a time. 

Knowing when my Working Memory is having an Error that I cannot detect because my Working Memory is overloaded is having a PC Hang and you cannot call up Task Manager to kill a process. You cannot call up task manager when the the PC hangs.