Saturday, September 15, 2012

Specializing - multi tasking

I am commissioning a map, which I plan to detail with some economic information. I'm familiar with enough of the economics and the variables that I can make the details of an area my problem is the seed - w/c is the geography itself.

My differation strategy is using standards we find in work/biz and studies that can allow us to save mental space and transfer real world skills into the game. Also filling a niche that is modular - rpg and war gaming and the hybrid of both.

I hope to publish something I can charge by next year. Just to have something of great quality and workmanship with my name on it. Also filling that niche I can provide by my odd mix of skills and interests.

I'm sure it will break even and do well because I plan to attack a problem that I feel i am suited to fix w/c is (trade secret) :p

Wish me luck, hope I can find a skilled and affordable artist. I should really contact my UP fine arts contacts for talent :p
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