Sunday, November 22, 2009

They liked it. - Free thinking RPG

They liked it, they appear very excited (I can replay the videos and try to read the body language).Anyway, it all seemed to go well.

Ran a 19th century Philippines in the style of GRRM's story telling. Gritty, realistic, and highly probable characters that don't exist in a vacuum.

Cons -
  • Distracted, (to much political, historical and trival side comments).
  • too many unfamiliarities (system, style, people, engagement, and setting)
  • Connection - they connected to the past. To how it was again to be a second class citizen, an outcast, to be satisfied with what little you have...
  • Learning - Its easy to learn my system and my formula. Its usefull and they seem to be getting a hang of it. Eventually they'll be using it on me (which I look forward too). The only way I evolve is someone else beating the crap out of me.
  • Exciting - Because there is a strong relevance of the topic. identifying a culture that lacks definition, I feel a strong response clicking (or it can be me being reading what I want to see in a situation). Its a big deal in the Philippines to understand our historical identity because the poverty and poor education here are huge obstacles in doing that.
  • Getting Relaxed - people were getting relaxed quickly with each others company. it helps when they have the same belief structure and read the same stuff.

I've only met 2 of the 3 players once and in a brief conversation.
Given the severe unfamiliarity, I only got out 3 out of the 9 scenes i expected. I should have foreseen that severe handicap of having to explain a lot of my nuances.

Looking forward, having exams in the next month. maybe the video can be edited (5hours originally). It will be compressed to probably 20 mins of material (60% would be background primer). With a basic multi media presentation.

I really should get a terrabyte HD.
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