Saturday, February 18, 2012

[GURPS traveller] HT is Redundancy and Fail-safe

Im brain storming for a game and would like your input (crowd sourcing).

I have an idea to make HT, like in traveler ships, affect redundancies and fail-safe. I got the idea at work, clients being so protective of their accounts that they have triple to quadruple the number of fail-safe and redundancies. I realize these measure of value in technology. 

So HT8 has almost no redundancies, to make up for it the practice is not to push it to the red zone ever. Going up the HT chain, we have greater and greater degrees of redundancies. Some redundancies start being designed for enemy action at HT11. Backups in-case someone tries to intentionally penetrate or break the system. 

It makes sense for ships, vehicles, power armor, and technology that can be dangerous to its user. As for red zoning equipment performance, safe is at half level... I wonder at what level should i start having checks? Can apply to ships, guns, vehicles? So high HT means you can get max performance? Does that mean an HT8 hero class ship with a max acceleration of 1.3g has to roll HT every time it escapes 1G world?
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