Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Screw the E-reader war, Get a Tablet PC for your Tech Savy GM

Some Useful Update, I've been spending a few days researching E-readers and getting their Specs down for work research. While the e-readers in the market is all the craze I stumbled on Tablet PCs. I found out there are Tablet PCs at the level of netbooks.

Comparing the Processors and the Ram (performance) of various mobile computing, Strangely the I-phone outperforms most E-readers at 800Mhz (G3S) while most E-readers (6inch) are at 532Mhz (They don't like showing their Mhz and force you to go to the manufacturer's specs to find out).
Even the Huge (with a letter size screen) iRex Digital Reader 1000s is just a measly 532Mhz and Just 128MB ram (which is Half the ram of smart phones) at $750. No wonder it is so slow.

Compared to the stats of a Tablet Netbook (which folds up to become a slate) at $500 performing at 1.6Ghz, 1GB Ram, with an 8inch screen, wifi , blue tooth, a camera, and modifiable memory your GM. Check out the model Asus Eee PC T91.

For the Tech Savy GM out there get the Tablet PC (netbook power). The price range is $400-$800 and is perfect for reading your PDFs, running your game (and dice programs) and keeping all your maps on file instead of printing them out.

Anyway I've researched and checked all the other tablet PCs they are all Laptops with Tablets, so they all cost at around $1300-$2000. Only the Asus's PC T91 is a Tablet Net-book.

Next- Things A GM can dowith a Tablet PC
- All Special written Props can be displayed instead of costly printed.
- Giant Travelling (non combat maps) can be kept on display and ready access.
- Just save the Browser Based Dice roller and save space on the table.
- Use online Browser Based Combat Organizing Programs
- All your (PDF) books in just your Tablet PC!!! (Save yourself 20-40lbs of books going to places).
- Use those combat mapping program, hook it up to a projector and use your stylus to move figures.
- Discrete playing, use the combat map on the tablet zooming in and out. No figs, No mess, and save the map when the game ends.
- Using Pictures and maps on the web, access the entire database of images to describe people, characters, locations, and stuff. As you narrate. Player doesnt know what your talking about, quick jump to wiki or appropriate internet reference source.

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